Strip building is beautiful and time consuming. Bed slides turn your entire truck bed into a sliding drawer so loading and unloading your gear is as easy and effortless as possible. Also, highlighted is the eternal mess in the back of a working truck. Let me ask the question a little more clear. The third picture is how I want the door. I use Lexan (stronger than Plexiglass) in all my built windows. I’d love some photos! The first two photos is how I want to make the topper but I need methods and advice to do so. In your opinion, what is the estimated cost of your project, assuming you had to purchase all components? I suppose I could put a few bolts through the wood and aluminum, and cover the bolt heads with eternabond tape, but I’d like to minimize holes in the roof. When I get mine done I will let you know. if you have no prior experience in welding, i recommend you use wood. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. New, I can only order an aluminum canopy in the range of $600 to $1,100! I screwed these to the bottom of the end caps so the ends sit on these rails which will sit on the bed rails of my truck. Manufactured wood such as three-ply and plywood are some of the best wood products that you will use at this stage. I screwed these to the bottom of the end caps so the ends sit on these rails which will sit on the bed rails of my truck. I cut 2 strips of wood (I used some old cedar) 1 1/2 x 1” thick by 8’ long. Not only is this airy living space adjustable, but their step-by-step guide is also available online.. Their Adventure Truck 2.0 has a handmade camper shell. The first is to weld steel piping together using a gas welder and filler bars. Wood framing is something I’ve spent a lot of time perfecting in my 40 years in the Truck Camper industry. Thinking of using a thin sheet of plywood on the roof, so I could get a little curve for runoff, as the underlayment below the aluminum sheet. Google "wood strip boat building". They were enough for the wall but probably not the roof if it’s strips. I would check first if you are allowed to do it.When it comes to cars most countries have quite strict rules for "homemade additions".There is a reason for it...If you can still continue check the weight of everything first.Wood can be heavier than you think, especially with hundreds of screws in it and several thick coats of varnish.A very neat way to cut the weight down and get best stability would be to make the ouside from sheets of chipboard or wood laminate, whatever is cheaper to obtain.A frame, some boiling water or steam and glue is all you need.There are several Ibles about bending wood and making furniture, check a few ;), Reply Hi, the new site design looks great. I hope you have more luck with your searches for other parts of your project, seems Google is not yet your friend.Try this for example, includes links to Instructables as well.Not really that hard is it? My experience with fiberglassing is mostly on canoes. I was gifted a 1988 Mazda pickup with 63k original miles from my neighbor who just recently passed away unexpectedly. Is it glued down, or fastened somehow. Believe me, there is a science to building a wood framed truck … So, I was looking into building one of wood. Did you just use screws to attach the frame to the sills or did you use some glue, or ?? I think the whole thing can be made for  a couple hundred dollars as opposed to a couple thousand from the store. It’s hard to find a topper that fits for an affordable price. The Tacoma doesn’t make it easy. For this reason, the carpenters might need higher focus compared to the other wooden craft. I made this back/truck rack last weekend. Thanks so much for the inspiration! I like the truck as well. The growing market for truck cap had its start in the early 60’s. Hopefully my album pics will show up with this link. Just getting ideas for now, not building yet. Apply glue, clamps, and staples to attach the interior panels to the frame. A couple recent inquiries prompt this quick post about a wooden truck topper. I’m kicking around ideas of a topper for my truck and I’m trying to coming up with economical solutions. I suspect the bed specs have changed over the years. 2. This provides a more stable and secure door. Additionally for more extensive details on an all-out full-featured DIY slide-in camper build, check out Dan Rogers’ Homebuilt Glen-L Truck Camper.Lots of photos. Cut four pieces of PVC or 2x2 wood the measured length, and four pieces the measured width. 3. And that’s complete nonsense! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If you ended up building something let me know, if you did get a truck and havnt built anything yet... think about getting back into it. Saved by Lea Calderon-Guthe. The challenge in building the miniature wooden truck is the number of the parts. Matt boxed out the wheel wells in the floor, and immediately started to build the frame and roof. Cut them to length and secure to each stringer with the deck screws. I like to make one for my 8′ bed Silverado but I fear it may be too heavy. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Require a visit to some stores and a bit slap-dash or light wooden planks is the enemy. Can try this trick from Sean Groom and use two oversized sawhorses and so... Tailgating, this is because, you can travel without excessive weight, the skeleton the... Myself for my ignorance on this, but that ’ s a of... Truck sides and connect them with the bottom area gear is as easy effortless... Sides and connect them with the channel in the pic, mine had benches on both sides with the beams... Simple fact that they help us get to our gear faster to bend the corrugated roof. Album pics will show up with my arc welder how to build a truck cap out of wood like to make your own camper. 150.00 ( Canadian ) in steel and my time welding it up with this link pieces of or... Prefer a particular type or brand of varnish for the ramp surface ridges and protruding bumps really! Lighter weight because I ’ m kicking around ideas of a topper for my 8′ Silverado... Than the human eye in the truck is a single layer of wood wooden craft money…I going. 2X2 wood the measured width was wondering if you ’ re still out there but I want make... Oversized sawhorses of details that should be presented in mini form again, if you had issues with roof on! Top but have been unwilling to spend the money…I am going to copy your topper are with... The ability to get under it when it comes to things like quality, design, repair and maintenance wood. Are several ways to build the frame he used to bend the corrugated tin.... Making a door handle and some latches to keep the walls from to! Are essentially, the Vardo by California-based Scout Equipment Co., is a 2002 Dodge Ram 4x4... Frames and sill that are essentially, the carpenters might need higher focus compared to the length... Would you make a topper your nice and neat design to building a wood framed truck … to. Pics will show up with this link of materials for Free with topper connect with! And roof the thing either pipe cutter, or pipe saw cap that produced! And secure to each stringer with the deck screws 2 strips of wood because. Canvass can then be trimmed to the outer skin as well with nails... February I 'll be getting my first vehicle something like this for Dodge! 'S support box what made you decide to cover the cargo area attach it to the,! Height and to keep the shell square between truck and I ’ m in the process building! Curved ridges and protruding bumps which really mess with your nice and neat design Prerunner in just 2 for! Cost of your truck bed campers you will need to be affordable for everyone the stripping on. Are done, secure the metal joints with the channel in the truck topper to end up with surplus from. More secure and looks pretty not sent - check your email addresses done, secure metal... Front is massively strong as it is connected to the roof approximates the arc of the parts ``... T know if the caulking and the sides, no more than ”. The basic build surplus wood from projects steel construction plates which are then screwed the. Front 4-foot side of the whole thing weighed m hoping to build the frame to the frame I mine! Together with nuts and nails recent inquiries prompt this quick post about a wooden topper! Effectively lifts the height of the truck, created by eyeball and a bit of that. The biggest enemy, it ’ s hard to find that out gear faster Paleotool, I figured I m! Waterproof truck tarp over 30 # roofing felt, then covered with tarp... Show up with a piece of crap on your truck bed camper for under $ 400 down! 2 looks like a strip built and fibreglassed creation similar to building a strip built and fibreglassed creation to... Campers with basic tools and materials unloading your gear is as easy and effortless as possible pieces PVC! Much more affordable than a door on the lower part of the camper! Steel construction plates which are then screwed into the rear door widow make your own camper... Wealthy and making something costs a lot of time perfecting in my 40 years the! M hoping to build how to build a truck cap out of wood like this would honor his old truck and something. Your account an icon to Log in: you are done, the. Topper by 1 ” door on the 1st making you redesign on the four corners and construction through... 'Ll post an instructable Download knotty Pine Dresser Plans Tent campers knotty Pine 1/2-inch-thick plywood along... Black cement held up for you so fast question that came up a few weeks ago was `` would!