No warnings were issued by IMD as no landfall occurred in the Arabian Peninsula. The National Crisis Management Committee (NCMC) on Tuesday reviewed the situation evolving in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Lakshadweep where heavy to very heavy rains are expected in view of a deep depression emerging along the coastline. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. It was a weak storm. The IMD issued cyclone warnings early on November 24 on Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and the country of Sri Lanka as the cyclonic storm accelerates and intensifies. Topics: Bay of Bengal cyclone Cyclone Nivar IMD imd weather latest news Published Date: November 30, 2020 1:59 PM IST Updated Date: November 30, 2020 5:13 PM IST Two additional circulations developed to the east and west of the original low; however, the original low steadily became the dominant system by absorbing the previous two circulations. At least 50 people died in different parts of Telengana (of which at least 19 were in the capital city of Hyderabad), 10 in Andhra Pradesh, and 38 in Maharashtra. The 2020 North Indian Ocean cyclone season was the costliest North Indian Ocean cyclone season in recorded history, largely due to Super Cyclonic Storm Amphan.The North Indian Ocean cyclone season has no official bounds, but cyclones tend to form between April and November, with peaks in late April to May and October to November. [56] At 15:00 UTC on December 2, Burevi reached its peak intensity with 1-minute sustained winds of around 85 km/h (50 mph) and a barometric pressure of 996 mbar (29.41 inHg). [35] On 21 November, two scatterometer passes revealed a single, well-defined low with gale-force winds underneath an area of flaring convection. The name has been contributed by Bangladesh. [32] Convective activity was enhanced by the Madden–Julian oscillation while sea surface temperatures of 29 to 30 °C (84 to 86 °F) and low wind shear favored additional development. The Telengana PM estimated damage costs to be ₹1,305 crore (US$682 million). Commenting about the cyclone relief and rehabilitation work of SOS Children’s Villages of India, Senior Deputy National Director, Mr Sumanta Kar, said, “Nivar and Burevi cyclones swamped many parts of Puducherry. It is very likely to move nearly westwards thereafter, emerge into Gulf of Mannar and adjoining Comorin area on December 3 morning, it would then move nearly west-southwestwards and cross south Tamil Nadu coast between Kanniyakumari and Pamban around the early morning of December 4. It made a landfall between Puducherry and Chennai close to Mahabalipuram in the midnight of November 25. Fishing boats are seen at a harbour as cyclone Nivar approaches, in Beruwala, some 58 kms from the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo on November 25, 2020. At the time, the system was at peak intensity with 3-minute sustained winds of 110 km/h (70 mph) and a central pressure of 984 hPa (29.06 inHg). It intensified into a depression on the early hours of November 23, as the JTWC also cited that the disturbance intensified into a tropical storm, designating it as Tropical Cyclone 04B. Isolated heavy to very heavy rainfall likely over south Kerala on 2nd & 4th December 2020; isolated heavy rainfall over south Tamil Nadu on 1st, 4th & 5th December and over south Kerala on 5th December 2020. ii) Heavy to very heavy rainfall at isolated places very likely over north Tamilnadu, Puducherry & Karaikal and north Kerala & Mahe on 2nd & 3rd December; isolated heavy rainfall likely over north coastal Tamil Nadu on 1st December and over north Kerala & Mahe on 4th December. Deep depression is a stage of cyclone … The IMD mentioned that Cyclone Burevi is very likely to hit Sri Lanka on 2 December and Tamil Nadu on 4 December. [20], Due to BOB 02, Yanam (Puducherry), Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Kerala, Maharashtra, and coastal Karnataka experienced heavy rain on October 12 and 13, with Hyderabad experiencing 32 cm of record-breaking torrential rain, creating flash floods in the city by October 13. On the same day, the JTWC issued a Tropical Cyclone Formation Alert on the disturbance. [57] Shortly afterwards, Burevi made landfall along the east coast of Sri Lanka according to the Sri Lanka's Department of Meteorology. It strengthened into a depression over the east-central and south-east Arabian Sea in the early morning of June 1 when it was centered about 340 km south-west of Goa, 630 km south-southwest of Mumbai and 850 km south-southwest of Gujarat. There is no retirement of tropical cyclone names in this basin as the list of names is only scheduled to be used once before a new list of names is drawn up. [45] The low-level circulation became completely exposed early on 23 November as it traversed northeastern Somalia; the system's upper-level circulation and associated convection detached and accelerated west ahead of the surface low. A depression formed overland near Salalah, Oman on May 29. [27], On October 17, the remnants of Deep Depression BOB 02 intensified into a depression in the East Central Arabian Sea. It further intensified into a deep depression on October 12, remaining practically stationary over the same region. Black out in Pakistan, now calling it a conspiracy of India. Amphan is the last name from the original naming list published in 2004, while Nisarga is the first name from the new naming list published in 2020. It rapidly weakened once inland, and dissipated on the next day. [53][54] The name was initially suggested by the Maldives. New Cyclone in India 2020. It weakened into a well marked low pressure on the early hours of November 27. Six hours later, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) upgraded the system to a deep depression. The IMD also forecasted BOB 02 to reintensify in the Arabian Sea. ADVERTISEMENT June 01, 2020 / 02:55 PM IST [33][34] By 18 November, a weak low-level circulation developed about 1,185 km (735 mi) east-southeast of Socotra. The deep depression over southwest and adjoining southeast Bay of Bengal moved westwards and lay about 460 km east-southeast ISL 2020-21 Preview: Unbeaten Hyderabad looks to pile further misery on winless Jamshedpur; No testing for tourists in Iceland if they have already had COVID-19 infection; Carey says F1 can be a ‘force for good’ on human rights; ISL 2020-21, MCFC vs SCEB: Jeje back on the pitch after 581 days with SC East Bengal [46] The increasingly elongated circulation of Gati emerged over the Gulf of Aden by 12:00 UTC,[47] and the JTWC issued their final advisory on the system shortly thereafter.[48]. India Meteorological Department issued a pre-cyclone watch for north Maharashtra and south Gujarat coasts with a low-pressure area persisting over the southeast and adjoining east-central Arabian Sea and Lakshadweep islands. India. [2][3] That morning, landslide and flooding warnings were hoisted for parts of eastern Sri Lanka and the Indian state of Kerala were given expectations of torrential rainfall in the coming days. [16][17], After 3 months of inactivity, on October 11, a depression developed over the west-central Bay of Bengal, though the system was originally observed near the Spratly Islands over the South China Sea on October 6. [22] The system weakened into a well-marked low pressure area in south-central Maharashtra on the evening of October 14. It mentions all of the season's storms and their names, duration, peak intensities (according to the IMD storm scale), damage, and death totals. It left behind a trail of catastrophic damage, and was later confirmed to be the costliest storm ever recorded in the basin. Two more cyclones formed in the Arabian Sea, ARB 01, affecting Yemen and Oman, and Cyclone Nisarga, which made landfall in Maharashtra. Nisarga intensified into a severe cyclonic storm before making landfall near the coastal town of Alibag in Maharashtra at 12:30 (IST) on June 3. iii) Heavy to very heavy rainfall at isolated places very likely over Lakshadweep during 3rd and 4th December; heavy rainfall at isolated places likely over south coastal Andhra Pradesh during 2nd & 3rd December, over Rayalaseema on 3rd December and over Lakshadweep on 5th December 2020. A cyclone is very likely to hit Tamil Nadu on December 4, the second time in a week, the Cyclone Warning Division of the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said on Tuesday ... (@Indiametdept) December 1, 2020. [21] Extreme crop loss in north Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telengana occurred due to the system. It's remnants formed ARB 03. The IMD has also said that very heavy rainfall is also likely over Kerala on December 4. The next eight names from the list of North Indian Ocean storm names are listed below. The names were selected by members of the ESCAP/WMO panel on Tropical Cyclones between 2000 and May 2004, before the Regional Specialized Meteorological Center in New Delhi started to assign names in September 2004. The cabinet secretary asked the state governments and central ministries to ensure that all necessary actions are taken to ensure that damage is minimum and necessary preparations are made to restore essential services at the earliest, the statement said. It … At 00:00 UTC on May 16, a depression formed in the southeast Bay of Bengal and was identified as BOB 01. The secretaries from the ministries of Civil Aviation, Telecommunication, Power, Home, NDMA and the representative of Ministry of Defence also briefed the NCMC about their preparedness. United Arab Emirates beat Ireland by 6 wickets, New Zealand beat Pakistan by an innings and 176 runs, Parul Arora's saree stunt is famous in social media, Bird flu confirmed in 7 States, Centre increases monitoring. The chief secretaries of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Advisor, Lakshadweep briefed the NCMC about their preparedness and arrangements by District Disaster Management Committees in the districts concerned, warning to fishermen and deployment of rescue teams. [9] 2 days of heavy rainfall, accumulating to 260 mm (10 in), caused floods in Salalah. [8] The highest precipitation total was measured in Mirbat, where 1,055 mm (41.5 in) of rain fell. [30][31], On 17 November 2020, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) noted the potential for tropical cyclogenesis over the central Arabian Sea in association with an area convection near the Maldives. The North Indian Ocean cyclone season has no official bounds, but cyclones tend to form between April and November, with peaks in late April to May and October to November. [42] Within a 12-hour period, the JTWC estimated one-minute sustained winds to have increased from 65 km/h (40 mph) to a peak of 185 km/h (115 mph). The official Regional Specialized Meteorological Centre in the basin is the India Meteorological Department (IMD), while the United States's Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) releases unofficial advisories. The deep depression in the Bay of Bengal is likely to intensify further into a cyclonic storm by late Tuesday night, the IMD told news agency PTI. The scope of the season is limited to the Indian Ocean in the Northern Hemisphere, east of the Horn of Africa and west of the Malay Peninsula. Total suspension of fishing operation during December 1-4 over these areas. The 2020 North Indian Ocean cyclone season was the costliest North Indian Ocean cyclone season in recorded history, largely due to Super Cyclonic Storm Amphan. According to IMD, the deep depression is about 40 km southwest of Ramanathapuram, 70km westsouthwest of Pamban and 160km of Kanniyakumari. The system's small size enabled it to take advantage of low wind shear and high sea surface temperatures. [4] By 09:00 UTC on May 17, Amphan had intensified into a very severe cyclonic storm. Cyclone Burevi weakening into a deep depression over Gulf of Mannar close Ramanathapuram District in Tamil Nadu, said Indian Meteorological Department (IMD). Military police were dispatched to clear roads and airlift people marooned by the floods. These families in the water logged areas are trapped indoors. [51] At 03:00 UTC on December 1, the depression was upgraded into a deep depression. On May 20, at approximately 17:30 IST, the cyclone made landfall near Bakkhali, West Bengal after weakening subsequently. The cyclone's centre was expected to pass some 175 kilometres northeast of Sri Lanka's northern tip early on November 25. Nearly 50 fishermen from Kerala and Tamil Nadu who had fled Cyclone Maha are stranded on Kalpeni in the Lakshadweep Islands where they had sought refuge in the last week of October.Seeking help from t [24][25] The low pressure area intensified into Depression ARB 03 on the early hours of October 17. Fishermen were advised not to go out to sea due to very rough sea conditions. It reemerged on the Bay of Bengal as a strong deep depression before making its last landfall at Andhra Pradesh before weakening to a well marked low pressure on the morning of November 27. [34] Organization thereafter was stymied as it became embedded within a monsoon trough. [44] Six hours later, Gati had made landfall near Hafun in northeastern Somalia with estimated one-minute sustained winds of 165 km/h (105 mph). Fishermen are advised not to venture into southeast Bay of Bengal during 1st December, the southwest Bay of Bengal and along & off east Sri Lanka coast from till December 3; Comorin Area, Gulf of Mannar and south Tamilnadu-Kerala coasts from December 2-4, over Lakshadweep-Maldives area and adjoining the southeast the Arabian Sea from 3rd to 4th December. Steered west by a subtropical ridge to the north, little intensification was expected before the cyclone's forecast landfall in Somalia. While Burevi is likely to be the least destructive cyclone of the year 2020, Very Severe Cyclonic Storm Ockhi was a lot more potent and catastrophic. Moving westwards, the system dissipated into a well marked low pressure on the morning of October 19 over the West Central Arabian Sea due to unfavorable atmospheric conditions. Last week a very severe cyclonic storm, Nivar, had battered the southern state. This is a table of all storms in the 2020 North Indian Ocean cyclone season. The following morning around 10:30 UTC, the IMD upgraded Amphan to a super cyclonic storm with 3-minute sustained winds of 240 km/h (150 mph) and a minimum pressure of 920 hPa (27.46 inHg). The Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA) in Oman advised residents to exercise caution and not to venture to low-lying areas or sea. Cyclone Burevi heads towards TN coast after crossing Sri Lanka Burevi crossed the Sri Lanka coast close to north of Trincomalee between 10.30pm and 11.30pm on Wednesday as a … According to the JTWC, it explosively intensified from a Category 1-equivalent cyclone to a Category 4-equivalent cyclone in just 6 hours. It is very likely to cross the Sri Lanka coast close to Trincomalee during the evening or night of December 2 as a cyclonic storm with a wind speed of 75-85 kilometres per hour gusting to 95 kmph, the IMD's Cyclone Warning Division said. Why Mukhtar Ansari is avoiding coming back to Uttar Pradesh? It would then move nearly west-southwestwards and cross south Tamil Nadu coast between Kanyakumari and Pamban around the early morning of December 4, it said. In view of the deep depression emerging along the southern coast of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, the cabinet secretary chaired the NCMC meeting through video conferencing with the chief secretaries of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, the advisor Lakshadweep and secretaries of different ministries, an official statement said.

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